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“Very courageous and brave. The Journey that JP has been on is something we can all learn from and will help a lot of people”

Jay Shetty Inspirational Speaker, Game Changer, Jay Shetty

“JP is one of the leading coaches in the world, he has the ability to not only show us linear strategic moves, but also ways to make life better, stronger, and more exciting.”

Lisa Nichols Speaker, Entrepreneur

“JP regularly takes CEOs, athletes and celebrities out of their comfort zones and into better, more meaningful lives. These high-achieving people aren’t easy to work with.”
Daniel Priestley Entrepreneur, KPI

Listen to your body

Listen to your body At the time of writing this, it’s 9 am and I’ve already been working for hours… but I’ve just had to put my robe back on. I’m absolutely smashing 2021 and so are my team, but it has come at an expense… my own energy.  I woke up this morning at my...

Stay ready so you never have to get ready

Do you ever feel like you are living life in overwhelm, leaving everything to the last minute, then scrambling under pressure to get prepared? Are you always in reaction mode with little time to prioritise the things that keep you feeling strong mentally and...