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I have been a Mental Performance Coach since 2007. I educate and inspire people to be healthier and happier and to take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Many people are unhappy with the quality of their lives. These people are usually only high performers in one area of their life, such as their career, but the other important areas of their life are low-performance areas. They’re unhealthy and out of shape, with unhealthy diets and lifestyles, they have a negative outlook on life and are unhappy in their own skin. I empower people to be extraordinary by providing them with coaching and strategies to attain more high performance areas in their life including their motivation, health and happiness.


3 months

£20,000 investment
8 coaching sessions over 3 months


6 months

£35,000 investment
14 coaching sessions over 6 months


12 months

£50,000 investment
20 coaching sessions over 12 months

Getting you to take an appropriate and responsible action in real-time. Specifically, I raise your situational awareness – knowing what’s happening around you; and your response awareness – knowing what you are experiencing i.e…, how you are reacting to what’s happening; and therefore, how you feel you need to respond to what’s happening.

This means when you become aware of something, you deal with it appropriately and resourcefully an in a more timely fashion. You are looking for anything that prevents that outcome. Here’s the thing: in most cases, awareness is not your problem. Doing something with that awareness is. I will coach you to respond to your self-awareness and take timely action. Then I provide you with feedback. 

Top Australian Olympic Swim Coach, DonTalbot, provided his champion swimmers with impeccable feedback from his perspective from outside the pool. He was rude and abrasive but his integrity and track record for training champions is unchallenged. I’m not an expert in swimming, recruitment, trading the stock market, engineering or architecture, but my coaching methodologies allow me to coach swimmers, recruiters, financial traders, engineers, architects, directors, tradesmen and doctors… who do have that knowledge and skill… but ignore their awareness.

For example, let’s take something familiar and benign. There’s a tsunami of research that supports the finding that the key to high performance is an extraordinary commitment to health. Simply, healthier people perform better. And I am 100% sure you have set good intentions regarding your health. Everyone has.

Let’s say you know you need to address a health issue. We will discuss strategies to optimise that issue. From that we will then broker an appropriate action plan. Then we will follow up to see if you followed through. That’ show it works. Let’s pretend you are aware right now that you experience poor sleep but you have a habit of going to bed late and scrolling through your emails on your phone before you go to sleep.

Your awareness tells you: a) this is dumb. b) you need earlier nights. c) a digital device curfew is needed.It’s all good for a day or two. Then you break that commitment. You relapse, but hey it was just this once and you had a good reason.

I can guarantee, through all of that, your awareness was working just fine … But you will rationalise your behaviour. I can guarantee we will talk that through because how you are on little stuff is how you are on bigger stuff.

So the focus of coaching will definitely shift to eliminating the non-optimum strategies of rationalising you’re using… in order to ignore your awareness!

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