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“Very courageous and brave. The Journey that JP has been on is something we can all learn from and will help a lot of people”

Jay Shetty Inspirational Speaker, Game Changer, Jay Shetty

“JP is one of the leading coaches in the world, he has the ability to not only show us linear strategic moves, but also ways to make life better, stronger, and more exciting.”

Lisa Nichols Speaker, Entrepreneur

“JP regularly takes CEOs, athletes and celebrities out of their comfort zones and into better, more meaningful lives. These high-achieving people aren’t easy to work with.”
Daniel Priestley Entrepreneur, KPI

I made myself a promise

You might be able to “make me” wear a mask (right now), but I will never stop speaking my truth. At the beginning of every year, I make myself a promise. I promise myself to speak and stand MORE in my truth every year. So, here goes…   This year, I promise...

So many ways to find peace

Start by going within One of my students recently wrote something along these lines in my Best Life MBA community: “peace in the world starts with peace within ourselves”. And this is absolutely true. There is so much power in going within because the world that we...

Life doesn’t owe you anything

Life doesn’t owe you anything, sounds harsh right? I know, it’s harsh even when I say it to myself, life doesn’t owe me anything. Life doesn’t owe us anything, yet so many of us go through life thinking that, ‘Oh, well life should be this way or life should be that...