“I’ve worked with JP for over 2yrs now and will continue doing so into the future. As he has evolved over the years, his mentoring and coaching has become stronger and stronger. My monthly session with JP leave me grounded, clear minded and ready for the month ahead. The focus on mindset, health and pushing my limits are a key part to my personal and business success.”

Ed Wood

CEO, Elevate Group

“I was in a difficult spot, 90% happy, but 10% in a very dark, despairing place. I am very driven and have been successful in many areas of my life, particularly in business and in my family relationships. But I was torn apart from decades of helping others, and had forgotten to take care of myself. I was 59 years old, 15 stone, out of control with my eating, unmotivated, guilt-ridden around taking time for myself and lacked personal direction. After three or four previous Tony Robbins programmes, in January this year I joined the New Year New World weekend, which once again uplifted me. But I knew from past TR events that I wouldn’t sustain that feeling. I had briefly met JP as he was an acquaintance of my husband. I messaged him the minute the TR event finished and signed up for one to one coaching and his OTE programme. After 12 weeks, I was winning my mornings, exercising and enjoying it, signed up with a nutritionist and eating sensibly. 9 months later, i have lost 2.5 stones, run several 5k runs, am doing pilates three times a week, and feel fabulous. My habits have changed, my thinking has changed irreversibly. My relationships have improved further, and I simply feel like a lighter spirit. By connecting my drive for business to my personal health and vitality, JP opened my eyes to the responsibility I have to invest in myself, as a leader and human being. JP has gently guided me and enabled me to save myself. And has thereby helped me better serve others. I will be eternally grateful.”

Cheryl Thallon

Founder & MD, Viridian Nutrition

“I have been working with JP for the past 3 years and in that time he has had an immensely positive influence on my health, my mindset and my work. His knowledge, expertise and reputation would be a huge asset to any institution lucky enough to have him. Do not hesitate to sign him up.”

Gavin J Gallagher

Commercial Director, Earlsfort Group/East Point Management/Cashel Fund PLC

“JP is an amazing man and since starting with him he has changed my life in different ways. I will always be grateful to him for the changes he brought to me and the new mindset I work by.”

Eddie Brennan

Entrepreneur and Investor

“Everything in life either gives us energy or takes away energy – Jean​-​Pierre ​D​e Villiers (JP as I like to call him) With knowing we have a limited number of days walking on this Earth, why would anyone want to do anything but things that give us energy? ​For me, somewhere along my journey I lost sight of this and fell into a spinning hamster-wheel of life. As fate would have it, the previous company I worked for hired JP as a coach to inspire their leadership team and it could not have come at a better time. Unfortunately for them I left to start my own business after some soul-searching prompts helped me realize my potential and genuine confidence in my business skills (ps. JP did not tell me to quit my job – he just supported me in exploring what it meant to be truly fulfilled with my professional and personal life – circling back to doing what gives us the most energy!). A few years passed and I wanted to work with a coach to help me to get more clarity and elevate my overall performance. JP really “gets it” and is prolific in subjects from human psychology to literature to surrounding himself with experts in a variety of interests; so it was a no brainer that he would be the first (and only) person I reached out to. Since working together for the past few weeks, but round two, I’m proud to say my standards are steadily improving, my motivation is significantly increased and he has helped me to gain clarity to know that anything I want badly enough is truly possible.”

Anthony Judge

CEO, Evingar

“We are a global sales business that has a high pressure, high performance culture. We were introduced to JP as a high performance coach and engaged on a long term contract to help develop our global senior leadership team, focusing purely on their personal performance. JP worked with circa 15 of our senior leaders. Managing Directors and Ceos in the main from New York to Dusseldorf. Working intimately with each delegate exceptional results were achieved in often very demanding circumstances. I have no hesitation in recommending JP as an absolute expert in high performance coaching.”

Ezra Chapman

Entrepreneur and Investor

“I was introduced to JP 4 years ago by a good firmed of mine who had been working with JP for the previous 12 months and he couldn’t speak highly enough about him, so I engaged JP on a years contract to work with me to help sharpen my game in the business I was trying to scale. What I can say about JP is that he is fantastic at what he does, he builds trusting relationships with you so quickly and really gets to understand YOU. I have to say that he got me more motivated, focused and determined to succeed than I had ever been before and lots of the stuff I worked on with him will stay with me for the rest of my life and career. JP is a great professional coach and if you would like to talk any of this through please feel free to call me at any time.”

Richard Vercesi

CEO, Third Republic

“I met JP at a Tony Robbins event in London in 2015. He offered me to be my fitness coach. However, since I live in Mexico and he is in the UK, I was very hesitant whether that would work or not. Oh boy! I’m so glad that I did. At that time, I was under the impression that everything in my life was good, other than my physique. I have a beautiful family and own the most prestigious data analysis company in Mexico. But Jp turned out to be not just a fitness coach but an authentic life coach. He helped me see the shortcomings and limitations I had imposed myself and showed me my unlimited potential. We worked together for two years. Today, I own a dozen companies in the automotive, software, financial, environment, insurance, and health industries in eleven countries. I’m the President of Sociedad Mahler and the ViceChairman of Mahler Foundation in Vienna, a non-profit organization to promote classical music in 57 countries. I help to sustain a foster house for abused girls. I also adopted two of these girls who are currently studying at a private university. I am healthier, happier, and living, full of gratitude, a dream life. If I would have to name the three most important decisions I’ve made in my life, getting JP as my life coach is definitely on that list.”

Francisco Bricio

President, Thinking Capital

“I have work with JP as my High Performance Coach and found his work to be very transformational for me. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. As well as being a best-selling author of a number of books on this topic too. JP was great at building a fast and empowering relationship with me. Being able to get right to the root of the barriers in my way to being the best I could be. This is not to say that the work wasn’t tough at times but JP was always honest with me. By way of shinning a light on the areas of my life that really needed addressing and sharing great techniques and strategies to support me on my journey with him.”

Mark Escott

CEO & Co-founder, Life Chance Group & School for Inspiring Talents

“I was introduced to Jp at a real low point in my life. My mother had recently passed, I was in a highly stressful job, drinking every night, regularly using drugs and eating very unhealthy. Physically and mentally I was self destructing. JP and I had a conversation, and JP made it simple …. He asked me to set myself a goal, something big, no matter what it is and he will help me get there. I decided on the biggest bike ride in the UK… not knowing it would be a reality. Gradually ,,, by each session, JP made me realise what I was capable of. He gave me the confidence to really go for it. And guided me through. The bad habits slowed down. The fitness and drive came back and my mental state turned to positive and ambitious. He made me channel that journey into honouring my mum. He was able to make the bike ride all linked to what I cared about most and actually the reason I was destructive in the first place. True to his word, he came on the ride with me .,. I’ve never had so much fun or felt so free in my life. We became such good friends as a by product of how good he was a coaching me and getting my mindset to the best part. He himself had a crazy accident and his recovering even inspired me to continue to achieve. You have an inspirational coach, leader, mentor and person. I couldn’t highly recommend him enough.”

Callum O’Brien

Director & Co-Founder, CLM Search