Start by going within

One of my students recently wrote something along these lines in my Best Life MBA community: “peace in the world starts with peace within ourselves”. And this is absolutely true. There is so much power in going within because the world that we experience on the outside is just a reflection of everything that’s going on on the inside.

Albert Einstein once said that the greatest question you can ever ask yourself is ‘do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe’. This question creates an internal reality, which then creates what we see and experience on the outside.

If you feel like you’re living in a world that’s not peaceful, if you feel like there’s lots of chaos around you, you can’t go change it on the outside, you have to first go change it on the inside.

Our thoughts create our feelings

Every single thing that has been created in the world has started with a thought. So we literally create our world with our thoughts. In order to have a more peaceful, happy or joyful, fulfilling, calming aligned life, we have to look at how we can create these things on the inside.

And, in short, meditation is how you do it.

But you don’t need to sit there like a monk for hours and hours to be able to learn how to have a more peaceful soul and spirit.

There are many different ways in which you can meditate

For example, you could sit with your pet and just be present. You’ll know this already – if you have a dog, or you’ve ever been around a dog, or any other kind of pet, or even just observing a wild animal, you will know that they make you feel good. They make you feel at peace, even just temporarily.

Earlier today I went to a field, and just walked around in nature. You can do a movement meditation where you walk down the street and just get out of your head. Get into your heart and just watch your feet… right, left, right, that left, right, left, right… it’s almost like a pendulum that’s just swinging. And it puts you in this meditative state. It puts you in a calming, peaceful state. 

You can also go hiking, swimming… These are all different kinds of movement meditations. There are also different types of sitting meditations – sound meditation, or a vibration meditation where maybe you listen to some beautiful frequency music. You can create your own sound in meditation or use Buddhist or Sanskrit mantras.

You can sing – singing is meditation, as dancing is meditation, spending time with people you love, and being there, being present is a type of meditation. There is also breathwork, where you’re just using different kinds of techniques to focus on your breath, and therefore being here and not there.

So the options are endless…

Meditation is what brings us peace. Being willing to sit with ourselves, and just breathe brings a sense of peace to our life, and allows us to really look at the world that we’re in right now.

Whatever challenges you are having right now, whether you’re being challenged because of a disease, an illness around you. Maybe it’s from challenges to your financial world, or your job or your business, or anyway… like I wrote above… that feeling of being unsettled firstly comes from your thoughts.

And what does meditation do?

Whether it’s walking, running, dancing, or cuddling a dog, or sitting in an actual meditative position, all of these things allow us to get out of our head and into our heart. It helps us to get centred and in peace and put us in a better position to deal with life’s challenges.

Meditation has been one of the tools that I’ve used in my life for a very long time. I’ve been on the road to self-mastery for almost all of my adult life, just learning and learning and learning.

And as I learn, I grow. As I learn more, I grow more. I used to find meditation so incredibly difficult. Years ago, I couldn’t sit for 3 minutes, now I can sit for 3 hours.

Practice meditation in any form you like. Repeat, try new ways of being present, and over time you will get better at staying present.

Peace and love,